Case 1 : SHAREit

​ ●✓ 500m+ global users, 200m+ monthly active users ●✓ Top file transfer app in 36 countries ●✓ 1.5 m Facebook Likes ●✓ Available in 39 languages in 200 countries

​ What have we done for them?

Lenovo has absolute confidence in global users and industry statistics, providing prompt solutions for SHAREit to position the brand in India Market. Starting from 2013, SHAREit enters India market and becoming the top-ranking app in Google Play tools.
SHAREit is preinstalled in Lenovo’s client-server products, this help SHAREit gaining 100 million users in its early-stage. Lenovo still provides mass traffic for SHAREit currently.
The original team of SHAREit is made up of technicians. Lenovo’s global recruitment system helps to build up SHAREit’s team. Recruiting talents from different fields like marketing and management helps them to reinforce the team and penetrate the market quickly.

Case 2 : FACE++

​ ●✓ World’s leading Face Recognition Technology ●✓ 1500+ registered developers ●✓ Myriad of championships in International Competitions ●✓ 15 Algorithm ranking no.1 in Algorithm competition

​ What have we done for them?

The core team members of Megvii positioned the brand as a motion sensing game and mobile game company when they were still students in Tsinghua University in 2011. Lenovo uses advanced position marketing strategy to help them determine their direction of development as focusing on Face Recognition Technology, FACE ++ is then developed.
Support on Commercialization:
The core algorithm of FACE++ is developed in laboratories in spare time. Lenovo utilizes its experience in commercialization for more than 20 years to help optimize the algorithm, testing the products’ stability and offer assistance to pass a series of International Standardization tests on the products’ performances.

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