加速未来,联想不止——联想全球TOP TEN计划启动

2016-08-23 联想加速器

2016年6月20日下午,联想加速器将在香港数码港举办”加速未来,联想不止——暨联想加速器全球TOP TEN计划启动仪式”

On 20 June, 2016, we are going to hold a ceremony for our first public appearance of Lenovo Accelerator plus launching the first accelerator program in Cyberport, Hong Kong.

Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group (LCIG) will launch the first accelerator program, the TOP TEN (TechnologyEntrepreneurialNova) Program, in Hong Kong & Shenzhen to incubate 10 tech startups from the globe with the ultimate support of Lenovo’s ecosystem.




Lenovo Accelerator is the most important part of Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group (LCIG). It is the bride between Lenovo global resources with startups, focusing on building a Lenovo unique open platform to provide full value chain incubation services, targeting startups at very early stage.




Lenovo Accelerator is going to publish the first Accelerator TOP TEN recruitment plan, introducing Lenovo's entire ecosystem and resources, proposing a brand new experiences of acceleration and services.



Hereby, we cordially invite you to witness this historical moment together with Lenovo CTO & LCIG President, George He.


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